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Kinematic have been making music for a while and it's something they love doing.  Unsigned and independent, their songs have still turned up on radio, podcasts and TV shows, in Australia and overseas, and fans on three continents have made music videos for them.  They perform as a 4-piece band in both electric and acoustic modes and are totally worth checking out in either format.  And track down their albums - Time & Place (2005), The 38th Parallel (2007), Kites (2009) and Kinecism (2014) are all sonic treats for hungry ears.  If you want to know more just search "Kinematic Music".

Kinematic Northcote
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Since 2016 Kinematic has clocked over 1 million plays and downloads on Jamendo. It's no Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, but it's not bad for an indie band from Melbourne.

Mike and Gordo formed Kinematic as a duo in 2000. Mik and Ozi joined in 2002 to make it a band. So we've been together way longer than the average marriage lasts in Australia.

Our song Championship Vinyl appeared in ep.11 of the US sitcom Cavemen, which was a nice surprise.

Mike and Mik share two names (Michael and Owen), while Gordo and Ozi share a birthday (so there's two Geminis in the band, no wonder it takes forever to get stuff done).

Once upon a time, the actor and top bloke Shane Jacobson booked us to play at his work Christmas party. We played as an acoustic duo and it was our first gig. We performed our own songs and Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead.

This American Life featured In Between, making it our most popular song.

Gordo and Mik are brothers. Gordo bought Mik his first bass for $189 when they were teenagers, and they've been playing in bands with such memorable names as Snorkel, Griffin, Winfield Blues and The Gaffered Hamsters ever since.

Aussie guitar legend Jimi Hocking let us take over his Biscuit Boy studio to record Kites, and performed the insane solo on Beat Poetry.


2018 For the first time since So Green the band releases a single and its video at the same time when Let's Go Out Tonight is released in April.

2017 A live concert special is recorded and filmed at Melbourne's legendary Bakehouse in March, thanks to a successful crowd-funding campaign. Release is scheduled for 2018.

2016 After a run of shows ending at the world-reknowned Speigel Zelt a new band recording begins in April. The single started in 2015, Special, is released in May.

2015 Love & Graffiti is re-released in August, to coincide with the completion of a music video eight years in the making. Recording begins on a single and new acoustic album. The 10th anniversary show for Time & Place is played in October.

2014 The Come Into The Light single and video are released in July. Kinecism is released in November.

2013 Recording of Kinecism finishes in June. Epic, right?

2012 In between moving house, starting new jobs, having kids or doing all three, we keep recording Kinecism.

2011 Recording of Kinecism begins in September.

2010 We give away our entire catalog on a song-a-week basis.

2009 Kites is released in October. Four music videos are released during the year and The High Singles come out on limited vinyl.

2008 Kites is recorded between March and November.

2007 The 38th Parallel and a video for Carnivàle are released in April.

2006 The Love & Graffiti single is released in July.

2005 Time & Place is released in October.

2004 The 38th Parallel is recorded during another long week in November.

2003 Time & Place is recorded during a hectic nine straight days in November.

2002 Mik and Ozi join on bass and drums. The So Green single and video is released in July. Our first gig as a band is the single launch in September.

2001 Starting Again, a raw, home-made, acoustic EP is released.

2000 Singer/songwriters Gordo and Mike start writing together.