Kinematic is a band from Melbourne, Australia.

Serving up sonic treats for hungry ears since the turn of the century. Unsigned and independent, our songs have turned up on radio, podcasts and TV shows, here and overseas, and fans on three continents have made music videos for us (cos our fans are awesome).  Lately streaming has been going nuts and our song Louder from our first album has been popping up everywhere, so we've just added it to Soundcloud.

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Time flies when you're having fun  July '16

For those who don't know it, or don't remember, three out of four us used to play in a band called Aspirin. For a couple of years at the end of the last century, we were part of the Melbourne music scene's furniture, playing several nights a week all over our fine musical city. In '96 - yep, that's 20 years ago - we released a single called Special. Suddenly, we were all over the radio, not just in Melbourne, but nationally, somehow scoring high rotation on the ABC's youth broadcaster, Triple J. And for a period not quite exceeding three weeks, we were the biggest band in town.

It's probably fair to say it was all downhill from there but we can hardly believe that we've been at this for 20 years and that we're still making music while most of our contemporaries, many who did much better than us (let's face it, that's not that hard) are nowhere to be found. Nostalgia is a strange phenomenon and, while we realise its kind of lame to look back on our glory days, we also wanted to record a couple of songs that had waited patiently in the wings for two decades. So here are Dissipate and Glide, backing up a reimagined Special.

Hopefully you'll enjoy our indulgence and the new video below. And, oh yeah, we'll be doing a launch show on 20 August, so put it in your calendar!

Special 20 show at the Grace Darling, 20 August 2016
The 38th Parallel
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